Leading Edge Entertainment Marketing Services

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    Product Integration

    Why pay to advertise around the

    borders of a TV or Film production

    when you can integrate your products

    directly into the body - and at a

    fraction of the cost.

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    Promotional Tie-Ins

    Leverage these placements

    into broad and powerful

    marketing campaigns.

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    Celebrity Seeding

    Put your products in the hands

    of celebrity influencers without

    the huge endorsement fees.

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    Our success is your success.

    Eclipse was founded by the

    executive that initiated and

    directed Apple's product

    placement program.

    Who better to handle your

    entertainment marketing?

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    Eclipse Worldwide has over

    $2,000,000,000 in equivalent

    media value over the last 15

    years for its clients,

    with a reach of over 150

    billion exposures.